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UNESCO Invites Young People to Help Reimagine Education and Learning

Reimagining Education and Learning from Youth: “How can education contribute towards just, healthy, sustainable and peaceful futures for all?”

Our world is confronted with many challenges from an unprecedented ‘digital revolution’, to accelerating climate change, deepening inequalities, violence and conflict, and 82.4 million people forcibly displaced across the globe (UNHCR, 2021). As systems have to adapt to the unforeseen context, making full use of digital tools and innovative approaches developed by communities, we have a unique opportunity to reimagine education, its role, purpose, content and mode of delivery in view of ensuring it supports the advancement of more equitable, inclusive, just, peaceful and sustainable development models for all.

In order to support countries in their efforts to adapt to new global challenges, UNESCO is leading the revision of the 1974 Recommendation, which is a landmark legal instrument that brings together – for the first time in a stand-alone document – peace, international understanding, human rights and fundamental freedoms into education. The proposed revisions to the instrument are expected to help ensure education – at all levels and in all settings – plays a role in embarking societies on a path towards a more sustainable, healthy and peaceful future for all. 

UNESCO, together with OHCHR as well as the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth – the three UN agencies leading the implementation of the 4th phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education, which is dedicated to youth – are organizing a Global Youth Consultation to ensure that young people have a say in the type of education they want and need, as well as amplify their voices in the revision process of the 1974 Recommendation.